No school nurses.

I’ve always known that if I ever really got myself writing, I’d end up with either YA or a weird memoir.  My memoir would start out a little something like this…

My great grandparents on both sides of my mom’s family have the same last name.  No one has questioned this.

For now, I’m going the YA route.  Now that I’ve gotten a good chunck of the story down, I’m excited about it!  I want to know what happens next each day.  

There are a lot of aspects of YA that, while I understand, I never experienced.  Like school nurses.  We never had a school nurse.  I think a couple of teachers kept a box of band aids.  If you were sick, you were sent home for someone else to deal with.  Are school nurses common in real life or do they just lend themselves to plot points?

And the parents.  How to write the parents.  I’m hoping to avoid this since my protagonist is a high school senior. There’s more freedom and less parental involvement at that point, right?  There has to be some, for sure.  But I’m not sure if I should go with supportive and trusting, overprotective and hovering, ditzy and distant…I just don’t know at this point where or how a parent fits into this story.  Maybe I can send them away for work? Hmm…


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