new plan!

This weekend in an effort to make my space more writing friendly, I moved my desk to a central part of the house.  Now I have my animals around me as I work and don’t feel like I’m neglecting them.  I’m also trying out the Chuck Wendig No Fuckery Writing Plan.  This is manageable. This is exactly what I needed.  All the other stuff says “write every day!” so I totally let myself by with only writing one sentence and reward myself with ice cream. 350 words is an achievable number though.  I don’t feel overwhelmed and so far don’t dread trying to hit it. So I now have my inspiration to finally try doing what I want (thank you, Amanda Palmer), a story idea that I’m excited about (thank you, to this fine Skillshare instructor), an attainable goal (thank you, Chuck Wendig), a mighty fine craft resource (thank you, Stephen King), and a damn good motivational resource (thank you, Austin Kleon).  Now, let’s see what I do with it all.


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