Still keeping at it…

Goal check lists and keeping an idea book with me has helped tremendously lately. I am the type of person who gets great satisfaction from marking items off to do lists.  I write anything in the idea book that can be used as a prompt later on.  Most of the ideas are for journaling for flash fiction.  I’ve found I’m pretty good with short writing bursts and end up doing more in little bits than when I try to sit down and commit a few hours.  Less pressure maybe?

This is the first week I’m on track to accomplish everything on my check list (yes, posting a blog is on the list) and I’m feeling pretty accomplished.  In previous weeks a combo of adulting, getting ready for and recovering from vacation (and probably fear as it always lingers there) prevented me from doing all the writing related projects I wanted.  For now, I seem to be past some of the fear.  Daily writing really helps.  Also I realized writing early in the day is better than putting it off.  If I write early, I get excited and actually make time to write later because I want to find out what happens next.

I naturally left the biggest task this week for last.  I still have a few hours until midnight though so I feel like I’ll get it done.  I’ve exceeded a few of my other goals.  The temptation to allow myself to slack on the larger goals using the exceeding of other goals as justification is strong.  I am resisting.

I’m using Sunday as my to do list start day (because Monday’s suck).  So tomorrow I’m going to spend the early part of the day tackling the week’s big projects and get them out of the way.

Off to finish the list!


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